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Assessment em Empresas Familiares

Since its foundation in 2002, Osser&Osser has had family-owned companies in its portfolio, which include publicly or privately traded companies, controlled by their founder, managed by family members or non-family professionals. They also include medium and large-sized national and multinational companies from a wide variety of segments.

Based on these years of work with family companies, Osser&Osser saw the need to develop services and provide specialized attention to Executive Search, Assessment and Evaluation of Professionals to address this important sector that generates wealth and employment. Family companies are one of the main pillars that support global economy and for them to continue being competitive, they face numerous challenges daily due to their particular structures and dynamics.

Under this perspective, the Osser&Osser projects are structured to address the circumstances and demands on decisions about people in the family companies, considering all the most sensitive aspects for family organization such as: perpetuation of the family in the controlling interest of the company, purpose of continuation of the family business, preservation of the assets and the reputation of the family, professional perspectives of the future generations, long-term vision and culture mainly determined by the values.

In this manner, the assumptions used in the work developed by Osser&Osser for family companies are:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the client’s business, the family structure and its members;
  • Balance between the family and the business interests (always working with the family members, top management and board members, if any);
  • Alignment among family members;
  • Methodology shaped according to the family company’s structure and its business.

Considering this specialization in family companies, Osser&Osser has added value to its services involving Executive Search, Assessment and Evaluation of Professionals, contributing to the identification of talents in the family organization in an effective manner:

– Executive Search

  • Preparation, when necessary, of family members in the understanding of the project for recruitment and selection of professionals, actively involving them in the phases of the process, from the definition and design of the position, through the alignment of expectations until the integration of the executive in the organization. The family professionals can also be considered in the process;
  • Appeal of family and non-family candidates;
  • Support in the integration model of the family or non-family professional in the company;
  • Planned transition of the founder’s position. [Learn More]

– Assessment (always done together with MN Consultoria, a partner of Osser&Osser since 2005)

  • Preparation of the family in the understanding of the project and also what the assessment entails and the need for its application;
  • Alignment and refining of expectations throughout the process by means of individual interactions or, when in a group, through workshops;
  • Support to the family in the identification of family talents (considering interests and motivation), comparing the company needs and opportunities with the individual needs and abilities;
  • Benchmark – macro competencies of leadership and internal and external professionals. [Lean More]

– Professional Evaluation

  • Preparation of family in understanding of evaluation project of family and non-family professionals with regard to a certain position (hiring or promotion);
  • Alignment of family and company’s top management expectations. [Learn More]

Supplementary services for the family company segment such as corporate governance, succession plan and planning of the role of the next generations are carried out with the Osser&Osser partners.

Due to the peculiarity of the context of each family company, Osser&Osser constantly updates its services through market surveys of family business, so as to elaborate more precise and comprehensive scenarios of the family organizations. This is why Osser&Osser always tries to participate in forums, events and lectures with the main national and international gurus on family management, as well as following up on the literature produced about this segment.

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