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Diagnosis of the Client’s Current Situation and Planning of the Search Project

Diagnosis and Planning

  • Study the market, the competition and the organization in which the client operates;
  • Meet the client to understand the current situation of the company and its needs:
    • Company – track record, culture, structure, financial aspects, its strategies and priorities, among others;
    • Position – mission, responsibilities, difficulties and challenges in the activity, reporting, interfaces, objectives/targets, competencies, experience, remuneration package, among others;
    • Acquiring information relevant to serve as a basis for the whole search process.
  • Outline the specifications of the position;
  • Elaborate the strategy, action plan for the search project and determine the approach to be used.


  • Document specifying: understanding of company, description of position (mission, responsibilities, objectives/targets, interfaces, remuneration), candidate requirements (qualification, experience and competences – the combination of characteristics and personal/professional abilities, knowledge, behavior and attitude) for the validation of the client;
  • Definition of the search strategy and action plan;
  • Hunting ground.

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