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More than providing a competitive edge to the work of Osser&Osser,

Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

guide all of the company’s activities.

Osser&Osser is made up of professionals with ample experience in Executive Search. Its founders were successful executives from the management consulting area before becoming headhunters. Osser&Osser also relies on the support from its partners, who present expertise in their respective fields of work: strategic consulting, corporate governance and human capital. Thus, this multidisciplinary team of professionals with knowledge about company dynamics, a business vision and the ability to understand their client’s demands can bring competitive advantages and high added value solutions to the companies.

This foundation, enhanced by ongoing studies of the corporate world, composes the essence of the Osser&Osser methodology, which is to know the client’s business and their market deeply, offering a consultative approach, which fosters the project’s initiation.

Offering tailor made solutions for Osser&Osser means addressing the specific needs of clients, i.e., being flexible in the manner of working with its products/services portfolio, shaping projects according to the client’s objectives and requirements.

Besides, Osser&Osser provides its clients with the option to contract each part of the Executive Search process separately, a service known as Unbundled Search. The client is thus guided by Osser&Osser to choose the step or steps which better fit his needs and objectives (Diagnosis and Planning; Mapping and Identification of Candidates; Candidate Evaluation; Presentation of Candidates; References; Negotiation and Intermediation of the Work Proposal; and Follow up of the Professional Hired). (Learn More)

As it is a consulting boutique, Osser&Osser has a very close relationship with the client and the candidate, generating results that satisfy both parties. It uses the information received by the clients and candidates in a confidential manner and only for the purpose of conducting the project.

With the clients — At Osser&Osser, the partners participate actively in the whole selection process, personally conducting the projects. At least two consultants are allocated for each project in order to enhance the understanding of the business and the objective of the client as well as analyze and assess the candidates. There is constant interaction between Osser&Osser and the client.

Furthermore, Osser&Osser works according to the Code of Ethics and the professional practice guidelines of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), i.e., it guarantees confidentiality policies to its clients, Off Limits (not approaching the Client’s executives and the recruited candidates), guaranteeing replacement and exclusiveness of the candidates.

With the candidates – For Osser&Osser, all professionals are extremely important; therefore they are addressed so as to respect and value their career objectives. Another inherent aspect of Osser&Osser’s work is to keep the candidate informed about the ongoing progress associated to the process, guaranteeing confidentiality of professional information and reporting it exclusively to the client.

Furthermore, the Osser&Osser candidates can register their curriculum in Bluesteps, an exclusive AESC database, making their information available to more than eight thousand consultants located in 74 countries.

Being accessible is part of Osser&Osser’s daily routine and strengthens the communication between the parties and helps the processes to run smoothly. This is why Osser&Osser prefers to keep a direct channel with its clients and assessed candidates, encouraging decisions which will support the development of its projects.

Executives have access to the Osser&Osser office even if they are not participating in any Search projects, and have free access to the Osser&Osser library, which has books and research related to career and business development.

Osser&Osser is one of the first Brazilian Executive Search boutique companies to be affiliated to the AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants). The AESC is the only association recognized globally for its quality seal which represents the Executive Search companies that work under the retention model.

The members of the AESC follow the Code of Ethics and guidelines of good professional practices, which regulate the Executive Search market, including the relationship with clients and candidates. The AESC member companies go through a careful assessment process, which consists of getting references with clients, candidates and market colleagues, inspection of the office, thorough analysis of documents and professional practices.

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